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 FRP Pole Light Solar 2
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17 Sep 2014
10 Unit
IDR 3.250.000

Specification of

PJU lamp pole center, Decorative Lighting, Pole Light Antique, Garden & Ornament Pole Light Metals

King Lamp produces PJU Pack Solar Lights are commonly used for street lighting, garden lighting, street lighting Region Tourism, Pier Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Street Lighting Remote dll.Pembangkit solar power is environmentally friendly, and very promising. As one alternative to replace power plants using steam (oil and coal) .System pembangkti solar energy, reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels, imagine the free energy and constantly sourced from the earth we provided for energy needs and reliable reduced spending power,
which continues to be a burden in domestic life and benefit your business.

Product specifications Pole Light Solar Lamp KING:
Frame 1: Pipe BSP
2 Ornaments: Composite
3 Lights & Cap: Custom
4. Coating: Zinc Chromate
5. Cat: Nitrocellulouse
6 Height: 3-5m,

In the value of the economy, solar power plants have a higher value, where electricity from PT. PLN is not possible, or the installation of petrol or diesel power generators.

The components required for the installation of solar electricity, comprising:

     1.Panel solar / solar panels
     Solar panel / solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. Silicon cells (also called solar cells) are exposed to the sun / solar, making photons that produce electrical current.
     Solar cells generate a voltage of approximately 0.5 volts. So a 12 volt solar panel is made up of approximately 36 cells (to produce a maximum voltage of 17 volts).
     Generally we calculate the maximum sunlight converted into electricity during the day is 5 hours. Electric power in the morning - afternoon is stored in the battery, so that power can be used at night, with no sunlight. Click here to view product Solar Panels
     2.Solar charge controller
     Solar charge controller controls the traffic from the solar cell to the battery and the load. The electronic device also has many functions that are basically intended to protect the battery. Click here to see the products Solar Controller
     Inverter dalah electrical device that converts direct voltage (DC - direct current) into AC voltage (AC - alternating current). Click here to view the product Inverter
     Battery saving function electric current generated by the solar panel before used to drive the load. Load can be either lighting or other electronic equipment that requires electricity. Click here to view the product Battery

Installing solar power plants requires planning regarding power requirements:

    1.Jumlah use
    2.Jumlah solar panels
    3.Jumlah battery

LED lights Illumination
Now there are energy saving lights such as LED lights use DC. Compare 3 Watt LED light equivalent to a 15 Watt AC Lights.

The drawback is:

     Installing new wiring for LED lights
     Procurement costs are more expensive lights.

Its advantages are:

     The use of small energy
     Reliability LED light bulbs 10 x standard normal
     The use of 2 core power cable.



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