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16 Aug 2019
10 Unit
IDR 3.250.000

Specification of

King Lamp produces PJU Pack Solar Lights are commonly used for street lighting, garden lighting, street lighting Region Tourism, Pier Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Street Lighting Remote dll.Pembangkit solar power is environmentally friendly, and very promising. As one alternative to replace power plants using steam (oil and coal) .System pembangkti solar energy, reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels, imagine the free energy and constantly sourced from the earth we provided for energy needs and reliable reduced spending power,
which continues to be a burden in domestic life and benefit your business.

Product specifications Pole Light Solar Lamp KING:
Frame: Pipe BSP
Ornaments: Composite
Lights & Kap: Custom
Coating: Zinc Chromate
Cat: Nitrocellulouse
Height: 3-5m,

Each pole lights operate independently and do not require a cable network, so as to avoid a total black out in case of disturbances. We assemble package PJU Solar or Solar Street Light System, which uses the latest technology with LED light High Power Ultra Bright LED brand ONE-namely PJU lamp LED No. 1 in Indonesia for use as a public street lighting is far from a source of electricity to power up to 10 watts VDC 60watt and 40watt and the 23Watt LVD. The choice of colors and Warm White light white, but has the equivalent light of 100 s / d 350 watt conventional bulbs (incandescent) making it more energy efficient. Solar PJU work automatically, when night falls and the lights will turn on its own when the sun rises the morning light will shut itself down because it is equipped with the most advanced technology for automatic lighting lamps so do not bother setting a timer that confuse the installer and maintenance is minimal and Battery Box with Multi Display which is found to bookmark input Voltage and Ampere Solar panels, battery and load outputs thus simplifying maintenance every PJU your Solar. The average operating time 11-12 hours and BACK-UP 3 days when the weather is cloudy / hujan.banyak all benefit from the use of solar power systems light ini.diantaranya:

1 Utilizing solar energy so it is suitable for power-efficient (Go Green Energy) in remote areas without depending on the supply of fuel.
2 Use lights use more power-efficient kecil.sehingga and do not need to wear components with large power.
3 Improving security environment in rural / remote areas / hotspots.
4 Designed to be works automatically and does not require checking, maintenance, and replacement of components in a long time (more than 5 years).
5. Each lamp post stands alone, so as to avoid a total black out, because the disturbance that occurs in one system does not affect other systems.
6 Back-Up power for 3 days in a state if the weather is cloudy or rainy.
Battery Box is equipped with a Multi Display shows Input Solar panels, Battery and Output load to facilitate the checking

7 Eco-Friendly and durable



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