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22 Apr 2015
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Search light poles or Lamp?

We are the King of the lamp is a handicraft decorative lamps and light pole Central Java. Provides a wide range of products a lamppost with a variety of attractive designs. King of the lamp is a trusted vendor to product light pole parks, Lampposts, Antique Pillars, PJU lamps, LED lights, Lights, lights solar powered PJU Decorative Outdoor Lighting and fixtures.

Confused Design Make The Lamppost?

L Kingampu has a collection of designs and ornamental lamp lamppost over 1000 ++ which you can see on the website or accessed through your smartphone looking confused. no need to reference design, as in all there are Lights King website. Want to make a model of a lamppost in the specialties of our custom, light poles and ornamental lighting. Just send us a sketch that you create, we provide complete Analysis Beakdown RAB Price from Your light pole design.

Confused Make HPS, RAB, DED ProjectStreet Lighting?

We are supported by the vendor and the adequate human resources to assist you in making the planning of street lighting etc. Make HPS, RAB or DED as auction documents and planning you can consult and discuss it with us for free!

Take advantage of the free consultation facilities to assist you in planning an auction of street lighting, Garden City, city lights, lamps, spotlights bridge buildingand others. Don't get caught up in the planning of the budget or the original derivation of RAB can be fatal at the time implemented an examination so that you are free from cases cases marked up the budget.

Confused to make a Material Specification light poles or Lamp?

King of the lamp is a handicraft decorative lamps and light poles. Our products have special materials that are not owned by any vendor. So the specification you can LOCK so kontraktothe original derivation r not in buying products or light pole lamps.

Complete your reference about the illumination and lighting techniques with updating our weblog at memfollow and

Technical specification of the light pole a classic Urban 2015

  1. Height: 3-6 m
  2. Main Frame material: iron BSP, iron, iron plate, SQ pipe galvanized medium or SPINDO (optional) minimum thickness 3 mm
  3. Ornament Materials: Composite
> Paint Coating: Anti Corrosive Zinc Chromate Primer, Active Medium Zinc (optional)
  • Paint Finishing: Nitro Cell Laquer, Belazzo Age
  • Lampshade: FRP, Acrylic, glass (optional)
  • Light Bulb: LED, LHE, Flood Lamp (optional)
  • 10W LED lights: power-45W-100W/220V/AC LED 10W, 12.5 W, 24W/12V/DC (optional)
  • NYM cable: 2 × 1.5 mm
  • Construction: baseplate with holes angkur M 10-19 mm
  • Foundation size: 40 x 40 x 100 (cm) K125
  • Application Of Ten
  • Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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